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Anancy Stories

Anancy the trickster is one of the most important characters of West African and Caribbean folklore. The Anancy tales are believed to have originated in the Ashanti tribe in Ghana. Anancy is quick-witted and more...

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African Folktale

Two strangers seek shelter at a remote village. They are welcomed by the village chief and offered a lavish feast. However, there is a catch. If they snore at any point during the night, they will be killed. When one of them starts snoring their future looks bleak. From this bizarre beginning more...

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Caribbean Food

This workshop looks at fruits and vegetables grown in the Caribbean and other tropical countries. We discuss where and how they are grown and pupils get to smell and touch a variety of different foods: yams, plantains, saltfish, dasheen, ackee and more. The session is finished with pupils more...

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Multicultural Games

This workshop looks at multicultural games played by children around the world. This links particularly well with the recent focus on the creative approach to the delivery of the curriculum. Pupils develop an awareness and appreciation more...

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Great Black Inventors

Most of us have heard of Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and Albert Einstein. But how many have heard of Benjamin Banneker, Louis Latimer, Garrett Morgan, Elijah Mc Coy, or George Washington Carver? As strange as it may seem, even today comparatively more...

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NEWSeparate Is Never Equal

The struggle for equal rights in the United States and the United Kingdom has a long, painful history and still has a long way to go. However, it is a struggle that has ultimately made both societies more just and better places to live for all people regardless of more...

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Celebrating Mixed-Heritage

Do you ever feel you have to disown one side of yourself in order to fit in? This workshop will give you the opportunity to explore and celebrate the experiences of people of mixed heritage. You will have the opportunity to talk about the things you do not often get an opportunity more...

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VIDEO Jamaican Folk Songs

Have fun singing songs from the Carribean and West Indies. Children learn about the history of the songs which have been passed down orally from generation to generation. The children will enjoy learning songs such as: Brown Girl in the Ring, Linstead Market, Banana Boat Song and much more. This workshop will also support you more...

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Drama presentation of life of Mary Seacole

Mary Seacole was a Jamaican nurse best known for her involvement in the Crimean War. She set up and operated boarding houses in Panama and the Crimea to assist in her desire to treat the sick. Seacole was taught herbal remedies and folk medicine more...

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Drama of the life of Harriet Tubman

For the first 28 years of her life, Harriet Tubman lived as a slave on a southern plantation. She saw the injustice of slavery and vowed one day to be a free person. Finally with the help of a Quaker woman, she was able to escape to Philadelphia by way of the more...

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Drama presentation of life of Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth was a black woman whose parents had been captured in Africa and sold as slaves in America. Sojourner was a slave until she was thirty, and when she won her freedom she dedicated the rest of her life to speaking out against slavery, racism and more...

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